The Classes

  1. Regular Yoga Classes ~ (Booking Form)
  2. Pregnancy Yoga Classes ~ (Booking Form)
  3. Mother and Baby Yoga Classes ~ (Booking Form)

Basic Information

  • Yoga is non-competitive, listen to your body and don’t over-stretch
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing allowing free movement
  • Allow 2 hours to elapse after eating a light meal before practising Yoga. (3-4 hours after a main meal)
  • If possible, remove jewellery and contact lenses
  • Bring a mat or blanket to exercise and relax on
  • Extra clothing or a blanket may be needed for relaxation
  • You are invited to join in the Yoga programme, but if there is anything you feel you should not do do then please miss it out
  • Consult your doctor first if you have any doubts about your fitness to practice Yoga
  • A typical class will begin with careful limbering and preparation. The classical Yoga postures will then be explored at an appropriate level. Breathing techniques will be practised and the class will end with a period of deep relaxation.

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