Summer 2013 Yoga Drop-in Classes at Winchfield Village Hall

Yoga classes will be held on Thursday evenings, 7.30-9.00pm, throughout August. Each week a different, local teacher will be taking the class, there is no need to book – just arrive in good time. Beginners will be made very welcome. Let the Tutor know if you are new to Yoga or if you have any ailment/condition which may affect your yoga practice.

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Yoga For Pregnancy

Yoga for pregnancy in HookPregnancy is a wonderful time to start yoga. You are naturally very aware and interested in your body during this time and yoga provides just the right mix of exercise, relaxation and reflection to enable you to really enjoy this special time. Yoga prepares you for the birth of your baby and helps you recover afterwards.

How does Yoga prepare you for pregnancy and childbirth?
Here are a few of the benefits of coming to Yoga classes:
• Establish a good posture so that you can carry your baby without strain.
• Build confidence in your body and instincts enabling you to take responsibility for your own health and well being.
• Gently strengthen your body so that you can adopt best possible postures for labour and birth.
• Promote awareness of the pelvic floor in preparation for birth and recovery afterwards.
• Learn breathing techniques to nourish you and your baby during pregnancy, cope with the pain of labour, and facilitate the process of birthing.
• Practice rhythmical movements that aid circulation of blood, ease discomforts and can also be used to cope with the process of labour.
• Practice deep relaxation helping you to combat fatigue during periods of insomnia and deal with stress and tension. During labour, deep relaxation prevents fear, tension and pain spiralling out of control.
• Learn about positions you can adopt to help get your baby in just the right position for birth.
• Yoga practice may lessen your chances of complications arising, thus reducing the amount of medical intervention necessary.
• Find group support, encouragement and friendship from other members of the class.
• Give yourself time to enjoy your pregnancy and bond with your growing baby.

Minor discomforts of pregnancy may be relieved by yoga practice, for example:

• Back pain, including sciatica
• Pelvic Girdle Pain
• Stress and anxiety
• Emotional disturbance
• Heartburn
• Constipation
• Cramp
• Varicose veins and haemorrhoids
• Oedema
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Insomnia
• Cramp
• Feeling breathless

I intend to write about each of these points in more detail, sharing some tips and helpful yoga techniques.

Please feel free to get in contact or drop in to my Yoga For Pregnancy class in Hook, Hampshire.

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