Fiona Wells Yoga

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I am in the process of updating this website and turning it into a blog!

Yoga Reduces Stress

Learn How To Really Relax

Improve Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is the original fitness program. It is the oldest physical discipline known to man, dating back thousands of years to ancient India.

Yoga is practised in many forms. The Hatha Yoga offered here has been proven to be of great benefit to busy people in everyday life. The gentle stretches and postures work at many levels: freeing joints; toning and strengthening muscles; enlivening the internal organs and helping them to function more efficiently. Yoga can help to balance the nervous system and calm the emotions. Learning Yoga breathing and relaxation helps to reduce stress.

Above all, practising Yoga makes you feel good. It gives a sense of well-being and increases energy.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Learn how to ‘listen’ to your body and experience the postures and breathing techniques beneficial for pregnancy and labour.

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